Best prices if you make a reservation online at Memento Park website. 20% reduction if you book in advance! Online Tickets must be bought by midnight (GMT time) on the day before your intended visit and used on the day selected at the time of purchase.

Egyszerű, gyors, kényelmes utazás a Memento Parkba közvetlen autóbuszjárattal Budapest belvárosából az Deák térről minden nap 11 órakor.

Titkok és érdekességek, tények és pletykák. 45 perces angol nyelvű vezetés a Memento Parkban.

Busz transzfer oda-vissza és belépőjegy

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Opening times / Tickets / Address

All sights of Memento Park are open for visitors every day from 10 a.m. till dusk. Tickets are valid for a single entry to all sights. Photos and videos for private use are allowed to be taken free of charge. Adults: 1.500 HUF, students (with ISIC card): 1.200 HUF. Address: Hungary, 1223 Budapest 22nd district (Southern Buda) corner of Balatoni ut and Szabadkai utca more »»

Public Transport

Public transport to Memento Park bus stop from "Kelenfold vasutallomas" - Metro No.4 with bus No.101B, 101E and 150 to "Budateteny vasutallomas" (Campona) more »»

Bonus Tour

Travelling with number 150 bus to the Memento Park 15 minutes? Might be worried that this sounds too long and too boring? No! Unique stops throughout the journey and places where tourists never go. more »»

Direct Bus Transfer

Fast, easy, comfortable travel to Memento Park with our direct bus from downtown Budapest, from Deak Square (Metro N°1,2,3), every day at 11am. more »»