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History class in the shadow of Stalin’s boots

Year by year more groups of students visit Memento Park for an unusual history lesson. Targeting these visitors, the park has come up with a museum pedagogy program.

A museum pedagogy teacher is available at the park to assist students of all ages with different types of lessons. Given the peculiarities of the communist era – especially the methods of political propaganda, the symbolism of dictatorship and the relationship between political power and individual citizens –, students can learn more effectively at this special historical site. Lesson plans, excerpts from literature, tests and a workbook published by the park aid the students in gaining insight.

The museum pedagogy staff on site is ready to assist students and their teachers, providing lesson plans, ideas and materials. Through an unusual history class in Memento Park teachers can aid their students in getting a first-hand experience of 20th century history and the background of communism and the Kádár-regime.

Available the work-book for students.