Terms and condition


Vendor's details:

Premier Press Publishing and Merchant Limited Liability Company
Budapest, 1223 Budapest, Memento Park, Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca (Hungary)
Telephone: #36 (1) 424 7500
Tax number: HU 12227460-2-43
Registry Court Registration Number: Cg. 01-09-566237/5
Established in 1986
Accounting Bank Office: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Budapest 1085 József Krt. 33.
Bank Account Number: 11708001-20524418
International Bank Account Number: HU73 1170 8001 2052 4418 0000 0000

Contacts, Customer Care:

Vendor’s contact details:
Mailing address: Premier Press Ltd., 1223 Budapest, Memento Park, Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca (Hungary)
Telephone: #36 (1) 424 7500
E-mail: info@mementopark.hu


All products shown on our pages are on view and available at the premise of Premier Press Ltd:
Address: Budapest 1223, Balatoni út - Szabadkai utca corner (Memento Park)
Opening hours: Every day from 10 am till Sunset

Language options for information and the process of purchase:
On the website, all information can be found in English.
Registration and purchase with bankcards can be finalized in English.
We provide customer support via e-mail in Hungarian and English; enquiries are replied in the language of the first contact from the customer's end.
Our phone support provides help in Hungarian.
Invoices and additional vouchers sent by us are provided in Hungarian and English.

Customer registration:

Registration process

To visit our pages, no registration is required.
Before a purchase, customers must register their personal data.
At the beginning of registration, customers must select a username and a password. User names must be at least 5 characters long. Fields marked with * are compulsory, they are required for maintaining contact, shipping and billing. The data provided at registration or gathered during purchase are registered. All information will remain confidential; we will not give out any information to any third parties.

Log-in as a returning customer

A customer who has already registered earlier, can sign-up with the chosen username and password. To sign-up, just click on the Enter button.

Forgotten password

If you forgot your password, just click on the "Forgot my password" option.

Modification/cancellation of registration

If you wish to modify your registered information, or wish to cancel your registration, just click on the "Modify/Cancel my data" option on the sign-in page.

Data management:

All information that we collect from our customers are confidential, we will not give out any information to any third parties. This covers all information related to registration, statistics, shipping and orders, the course of business, shop return, and attendance of this website. We store the customer's personal information for the sake of purchase, the fulfillment and demonstrability of the purchase agreement and in order to keep in contact with our customers.

By submitting the requested information you allow our corporation to store your personal information in its own database. Our company has certified that we adhere to the Privacy Principles agreed upon by the EU and Hungary.

The course of purchase:

Displayed products and their features

Detailed descriptions of the items featured on our pages are available on the page of the given product. You can access the page of each product by clicking on the product's name. You will also find a (non size-proportional) picture of the product on its page. The exact size and most important details of the product can be found in the description. The price of each product includes VAT (value added tax) specified by the country of its origin (Hungary).

Selecting products, features, determining quantity

When a product is available in several versions (color, size, etc), you can select the proper features on the page of the given product. It is also where you can determine the quantity of the product you wish to purchase. If you wish to buy several pieces of the same product, but with different features (e.g., you want to buy two T-shirts of the same sort, but in different sizes and colors, like one in black, sized XL, and the other one in white, sized L), you can select these items and put these into your shopping basket one by one. After selecting the wanted quantity and features, just press the SHOPPING BASKET bottom, and the product is put into your shopping cart. You can still remove the items from your shopping basket later.

Shopping basket

By clicking at the SHOPPING BASKET button in the right side of your screen, you can check the selected items that you put into your shopping basket and you can make changes to your order (cancel a pending request, modify quantity). To change additional features of a product (e.g., to change the color of an already selected T-shirt) you need to remove the item from your basket, then you need to return to the page of the given product and place a new order for the product.

Checking grand total sum

Just click on the View button in the shopping basket menu. Here you can check what products you have selected, in what quantities, how much they cost and how much packaging fees total. Click on the Next button and select the method of delivery, then you will be able to see the delivery fee as well. Our system will calculate the total amount that you shall pay for your order.

Modification/cancellation of an order

You can return from any menu point to modify your order details and registered information.

Confirmation of an order

If you accept the total sum and the conditions of delivery, just click on the Next button. You are connected to the banking page then, where you can complete your payment by credit/debit cards.


Delivery conditions

At the end of your purchase, you can select your preferred delivery method. If you have put several different items into your shopping basket during your purchase, the system will automatically calculate how all the selected products can be delivered to the given address and how much the occurring fees are.

Delivery methods, deadlines, fees

You can select either regular or courier home delivery service.
Our main purpose is to process all orders and send the ordered products within 5 banking days after the order was placed in our web shop. However, it might happen that certain products are unavailable at the time of an order. If a case like this occurs, we notify the customer within 5 banking days and we confirm further possibilities with the customer. If requested, we can -covering all additional charges- reimburse the full amount paid for the order. Our practice is the same if we fail to contact the customer, and/or fail to identify the customer's further will.
In accordance with the agreement between the customer and the vendor, if delivery takes more than 5 banking days, the order is considered to be a valid order for 180 days. Delivery times (after the order is completed and package is sent):

Regular mail delivery: in Europe 3-10 weekdays, 10-20 weekdays outside Europe.
Courier service: in Europe 1-2 weekdays, 2-5 weekdays outside Europe.

All delivery charges are calculated automatically by the system for the signed in customers.

Packaging methods and fees:

The fee of packaging is calculated automatically by the system for the signed-in customers.

We pack our products in order to avoid any possible outside injuries. Do not accept any opened or injured packages. If your package is delivered like that, open it only when the delivery company's representative is at present and place the event on official record.

Possible additional charges and fees:

The vendor makes charges only for the product's price, the delivery and packaging fees during your purchase. However, some countries other than Hungary might impose additional charges on the sent products (duty, surcharges, delivery or storage fees, etc.). We are unable to provide any information on these possible additional costs, so please acquire all information relevant to your country or state practices.



Prices posted on our site include VAT (of the vendor's country) and all additional costs. Information on delivery and packaging fees is accessible in the Shopping Basket menu for the signed in customers by clicking on the proper button during the shopping process.


The prices of products and services can be paid by credit/debit bankcards. Transfers of Europay system (Eurocard/Mastercard, Cirrus/Maestro), American Express, OTP Cards and VISA card transfers can be processed. Payments are processed via an independent system by Hungary's biggest bank, OTP Bank PLC.


All prices and fees are calculated in Hungarian Forint. We also post our prices in other currencies (Euro, USD) for your convenience, but we do not take responsibility for their exactness. We refresh our database on a regular basis to keep up with the latest shifts in currency rates; however, sudden changes can cause slight differences.

On the itemized bill that we send in our package, the grand total sum of packaging and delivery is stated in Hungarian Forint (HUF).


Along each product, within the package, we include a bill for the name registered by the customer during the purchase. This might be different from the name and address where the package is delivered. On the bill, each items is stated both in Hungarian and English. The bills are filled out in full accordance with the relevant Hungarian laws and regulations.


Confirmation of order

After a purchase or order is completed, we send confirmation e-mail to the customer's registered e-mail address.

Customer's right to cancel a purchase

Customers have the right to cancel an order up to the day their order is sent. All fees associated with similar actions must be covered by the customer. In case of cancellation of an order, the vendor reserves the right to deduct charges from the reimbursed amount for banking cancellation/payment fees, and printing/postal costs of billing. If the product is already packed by the time the customer cancels the order, the vendor deducts the fees of packaging as well.

Customers also have the right to cancel a purchase within 8 banking days after the product was received. In such case, the vendor reimburses the customer's payment within 30 days after the package is returned. The customer is required to cover all occurring fees associated with the cancellation, and the vendor has the right to have the customer make amends for any damages from improper use of the product. Copyrighted products (audio and video recordings, PC-software) are excluded from this possibility if the product has been opened.


The vendor, in accordance with relevant Hungarian rules and regulations, provides 6 months guarantee regarding the quality of available products. Exceptions to this are second-hand and antique items, to which the guarantee provided by the vendor does not apply. This information is also posted on the product's page, just as it is stated on the bill attached to the package.

Complaints, replacement, money-back guarantee

In case of erroneous fulfillment of an order, the vendor grants replacement for the product. If the product in question is out of stock within the 6-month guarantee period, the vendor grants money payback to the customer. Any complaints can only be dealt with when the bill is provided. Complaints can be made via our e-mail address, our phone number, fax or in person.


The vendor always uses the safest methods for data-management and technology while maintaining contact with its customers.

Rights, responsibility, legal redress

In case of disagreement between the vendor and the customer, the guiding principles are the ones of the vendor's home base country.

All programs, written and photo material and information displayed here are under copyright laws. Their modification, reproduction, publishing, distribution or any use without the permission of the owner of the site is strictly forbidden. These materials cannot be used on other Internet sites either.

Downloading our pages and the software available on them can be done and used only according to the rules. The owners of the website and the shop do not take responsibility for damages caused by improper use of our software, the malfunction of technical solutions applied here, as well as for damages caused by our co-operating partners processing payment and delivery.