The Architect

Ákos Eleőd architect, the proud holder of the Ybl and Podmaniczky Prizes, is a genuine representative of a successful designer’s oeuvre and complex philosophical thinking.

His works are omnipresent in all fields of planning spaces. He is the initiator and leader of cultural projects, one of these is Memento Park. Not just one of his monument restoration and revitalization projects has earned architectural awards. Ákos Eleőd enjoys rethinking and reshaping historic buildings of any kind, from holiday homes and residential buildings to schools. Planning and organizing cultural exhibitions, filling them with conceptual content, and visual design are part of his signature fields. Ákos Eleőd has held speeches, talks, and professional events. Curator of prominent cultural institutes and events. His contribution as an ‘outsider’ to the rehabilitation of the historic town center of Balassagyarmat is exceptional and outstanding. He is not only the architect of the new town center but an integral part of its renaissance.