Guided tours

On our guided tours we introduce the Memento Park and unveil confidential information, like how did Stalin forget his boots in Budapest when he never visited the city? Does Lenin have a hat in his hand if there’s one on his head? Can people pull down the same statue twice? What did Nikita Hruschev say on his visit at Csepel? Where was the Iron Curtain? Why did people refer to Hungary as the country of goulash- and refrigerator communism? How happy was the most cheerful barrack? Was Bambi refreshment made of paraffin? What did communist politicians think about boys with long hair? How many people fit in a Trabant?

We adjust the tour info to the age and interest of the group.

Guided Tours

Guaranteed Guided Tours

Guaranteed guided tours depart from the cash desk on the advertised days at 11.40 am. The participation fee is 3000 HUF/person, admission included. The walk lasts about 50 minutes. Please, secure your place and book in advance!

Private Guided Tours

Reserve a private guided tour for individual guests or groups. The duration of the program is 60-90 minutes. The maximum number of participants is 20 people. Above this, we automatically split the group into two and assign a second guide. Private tours are available in Hungarian, English, and German for 15.240 HUF/group. Other languages come with a 50% surcharge of this fee.

Guided Tours for School Groups

Guided Tours for School Groups

Memento Park is an ideal place for primary and secondary school groups and communities to learn more about history, art history, the social and political background of the era the statues evoke. Add a theme guided tour, a thoughtful and joyful game to your visit for a complete experience. 

The program is available and enjoyable for groups of at least 12 participants. For further information get in touch!

Team building

Team Building

Come and see the ghost of communism haunting you! Learn why the most cheerful barrack in the former Eastern Block is joyless, find out how to change tires on a Trabant and if Lenin or Stalin used to pronounce the word ‘communism’ nicer. 

Memento Park is an exciting and attractive space for family, friends’ and corporate events promising unforgettable moments. Opt for:

  • a treasure hunt
  • board games
  • quiz
  • challenge with a Trabant (slalom, changing the tires, painting)

Combine the above elements for a complex experience and consider adding on extra services:

  • a guided tour
  • catering
  • transfer

For a fully personalized offer, please get in touch!