Barrack Cinema

Barrack Cinema

Back in the days of communism, the Ministry of Interior Affairs had its film studio where several hundred short and full-length films were produced between the years 1958 and 1988. These films provided training and instruction to secret police agents on how to defend the law and order the regime. 

In 2004 director Gábor Zsigmond Papp created a montage by editing these films. By looking behind the secret scenes, viewers learn about the methods these often forced or bribed agents and spies used, as well as about the work of their commanding officers and state security experts. 

This montage, using the most exciting excerpts taken from period films, is a unique presentation of the operations and mindset of this ruthless organization run by the Kádár-regime.

The film is divided into four, 10-15 minute long parts:

  1. The way to hide bugs
  2. Introduction to house-searching
  3. Methods of recruitment
  4. Effective networking

The film is shown in the Memento Park Barrack Cinema in Hungarian with English subtitles. A DVD version is available at the Red Star Store souvenir shop at Memento Park’s cash desk.