Barrack Photo Exhibition

The exhibition – with the monumental and shocking Boots of Stalin, symbol of the regime and its collapse at its focal point – gives an account of two turning points in 20th century Hungarian history. The events surrounding the 1956 revolution and the collapse of the system in 1989-90 – both conveying a deep longing for freedom – are represented in the display. Memento Park celebrations in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution are also part of the exhibition. 

Storage Showroom

Hidden in the Stalin Tribune’s mysterious environment stands the bust of ‘Lenin as a Child’. Back in the days it used to decorate the parade square of a Soviet Pioneer Camp in Hungary.

‘The main idea behind the Barrack Exhibition of Memento Park is the emphasis on the common Eastern European fate experienced in the second half of the 20th century. In the design concept of architect Ákos Eleőd, Witness Square, located in front of the Park’s main entrance, represents: Budapest, Széna Square in 1956, Prague, Wenceslas Square in 1968, Warsaw, Castle Square in 1981, Timișoara, Opera Square in 1989, Berlin, Potsdamer Square and Sophia, National Assembly Square.’