Body made of plastic, spine-chilling sound (trrrammm-tatatatata-tammm), a blue-gray sea of smoke paired with unforgettable smell – all that in a super small car. The Trabant experience is an authentic way to catch the last moment from the atmosphere of ‘existing socialism’.


Some had it, others never, some have seen one, others haven't, and some do not want to see it anymore. Watch, touch, open, close, sit in, take a photo of the iconic communist people’s car on display in Memento Park.


Is there an occasion, or are you spontaneous? A short Trabant ride inside the limits of Memento Park, a pleasure two-stroke chugging among the statues or in front of the Stalin’s Grandstand, is an experience that lasts. 

The program is a great addition to team buildings, family and community events.


Be smart and stylish! Arrive in Memento Park by Trabant. The transfer is available seven days a week within the regular opening hours of Memento Park for individuals and groups.

Trabant Combo-Tour

Compliment the Trabant transfer with a guided tour within the regular opening hours of Memento Park and beyond! The Trabant takes you to other sights on request, like the Ecseri Flea Market or memorial places of the 1956 uprising. Or dream big, we’ll try to make it come true :).