Have you ever traveled in a car made of material even cattle can digest? Hop aboard a decades-old East-German paper Jaguar, the Trabant! Spine-chilling sound (trrrammm-tatatatata-tammm), a blue-gray sea of smoke paired with unforgettable smell – all that in a super small car. The Trabant experience is an authentic way to catch the last moment from the atmosphere of ‘existing socialism’.

We have several offers on our palette. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Book a Trabant program before the last Trabant expires!

More information and booking:


Be smart and stylish! Arrive in Memento Park by Trabant. The transfer is available seven days a week within the regular opening hours of Memento Park and beyond for individuals and groups.

Duration of the program: 3 hours
Price: 150 EUR/Trabant
Guided tour: 39 EUR/group
The price includes:
– pick-up and drop-off in the area of Budapest
– admission to Memento Park
– one beverage of choice at the Red Star Store in Memento Park
– guided tour in Memento Park

Trabant Combo-Tour

Compliment the Trabant transfer with a guided tour within the regular opening hours of Memento Park and beyond! The Trabant takes you to other sights on requests, like the Ecseri Flea Market or memorial places of the 1956 uprising. Or dream big, we’ll try to make it come true :).

1956 Revolution Memorial Tour

The program takes you to iconic scenes of the 1956 revolution like the Corvin Alley - where the Soviet Red Army saw its first defeat, Kossuth Square - the place of the fusillade, and Parcel 301 in the New Public Cemetery, where the martyrs of the uprising rest in peace. For those who haven't been there, adding a Memento Park visit with a guided tour is recommended.

Worker's Movement Tour

On this tour, we head to the Fiume Street Graveyard. Here we visit the Workers' Movement Pantheon, the tomb of János Kádár, former General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, and other significant communist persons. We stop by a socialist block estate en route and unveil its advantages and backdrops. A Memento Park visit is a must for those who haven't been there before.

Ecseri Flea Market Tour

The Ecseri Flea Market is a miraculous place! You never know what you’ll find that’s why it is always worth the visit. Bric-a-brac, vintage jewelry, retro accessories and furnishing, albums, posters, paintings... Arrive by Trabant for vintage shopping, bargain, and enjoy your purchase!

Duration of the tours: 3 hours
Price of the tours: 185 EUR/Trabant
The price includes:
– pick-up and drop-off in the area of Budapest
– admission to attractions and memorial places where applicable
– insider conversation with your qualified local guide
– unforgettable moments
Upgrade to a Memento Park visit: 40 EUR/Trabant
Length of the tour with Memento Park visit: 5 hours

Team building

Come and see the ghost of communism haunting you! Learn why the most cheerful barrack in the former Eastern Block is joyless, find out how to change tires on a Trabant and if Lenin or Stalin used to pronounce the word ‘communism’ nicer. 

Memento Park is an exciting and attractive space for family, friends’ and corporate events promising unforgettable moments. Opt for:

  • a treasure hunt
  • board games
  • quiz
  • challenge with a Trabant (slalom, changing the tires, painting)

Combine the above elements for a complex experience and consider adding on extra services:

  • a guided tour
  • catering
  • transfer

For a fully personalized offer, please get in touch!


A short Trabant ride inside the limits of Memento Park, a pleasure two-stroke chugging among the statues or in front of the Stalin’s Grandstand, is an experience that lasts. The program is a great addition to team buildings, family and corporate events.

The price of chugging and other Trabant-related team-building programs:
85 EUR service fee/Trabant + 3 EUR/person
Programs to book:
- Trabant-pushing
- engine-off blind-drive with a co-pilote
- Trabant-stuffing
- chugging
- test drive (for adult participants with valid driving licence)
Groups above 30 participants shall book a second Trabant.
The length of the programs varies between 30-60 minutes.